AMD Genetics consortium

The National Eye Institute (NEI) created the International Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Genetics Consortium in 2010 to identify the remaining genetic risk variants for AMD.
Please visit their Web site for more information.

Exploration of Retinal studies

Bibliographic analysis

Sample of data (more data available for KBaSS affiliates) 
KBaSS ViSIOn IDPubMed IDTitleCorresponding AuthorAcceptation Date
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123 infoPMID: 20139892The disruption of the rod-derived cone viability gene leads to photoreceptor dysfunction and susceptibility to oxidative stress.T. LEVEILLARD2009-12
178 infoPMID: 22174898Transcriptomic analysis of human retinal detachment reveals both inflammatory response and photoreceptor death.T. LEVEILLARD2011-11
185 infoPMID: 22343139Nxnl2 splicing results in dual functions in neuronal cell survival and maintenance of cell integrity.T. LEVEILLARD2012-02
201 infoPMID: 15075390A gene atlas of the mouse and human protein-encoding transcriptomesJ.B. HOGENESCH2004-03